The Word Family Flashcard Set

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Now that your little one has mastered letter recognition and letter sounds. These word family flashcards will be a next step along their reading journey. These flashcards will a fantastic addition to your learning tools.

Our Word Family flashcard set includes:

  • 15 word family cards per vowel for a total of 75 flashcards¬†
  • -at, -ap, -an
  • -et, -en, -ed
  • -ig, -ip, -it
  • -og, -op, -ot,
  • -ug, -un, -ut

Mini lesson idea: Take out one vowel of word families you want to work on. Have your little one work on sounding out each individual letter and put them together to read the full word. See if your little one can sort the word families based on the ending sound. 

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