The Complete Kindergarten Toolkit

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Welcome to your one stop shop early learning Toolkit. Our Kindergarten Toolkit provides all the learning tools you will need throughout the preschool years to fully prepare your child for Kindergarten.  

The Comprehensive Kindergarten Toolkit helps build a basic foundation of reading, writing and math skills as your child prepares to enter Kindergarten. The lessons are simple and written in a way that any parent can be a "teacher" to their child.

Build your child's confidence and help them be prepared to excel as they embark on their educational journey. Quality one-on-one time for at least 30 minutes a week using the Kindergarten Toolkit will help achieve that goal.

There is no set timeline to use this Toolkit. Start with your 2 year old with shapes and colors or start with your 6 year old the summer before Kindergarten and focus on all 10 Kindergarten goals!

Learning Tools included:

  • The Toolkit booklet focuses on 10 main Kindergarten goals.
    There are 3-4 mini lessons for each of the 10 goals. Supplemental pages in the back are designed to be copied for future assessments and lessons. You don't want to write in the booklet so it can be used with multiple children!

  • Four sets of flashcards
    - Upper and lower case letters
    - Numbers 1-20
    - 25 Kindergarten sight words
    -10 colors and shapes
  • Also included is a whiteboard, pen and eraser to use with assessments and lessons. As well as a piece of sidewalk chalk for outdoor learning!
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