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Muum 2016

Creating a stroller this comfortable, well built, and versatile meant walking that fine line between high-end quality and affordability. Not only does this stroller stand out in a croad for it's beautiful design and stunning form, its affordability makes it economically approachable. The beautiful European design inspiration allows it to be both attractive and durable at the same time. The frame is constructed of anodized aluminum tubes that are designed to fold down smaller, making it easier to carry, store and transport. The materials used throughout are responsibly sourced and at the same time maximiza the durability of the stroller, to keep things balanced and to keep up with your ever-changing, ever-moving life.

• XL basket and adjustable handle
• Includes a rain cover and cup holder
• Full recline beginning at birth with built in partial bassinet
• Full canopy coverage
• All-terrain long-lasting tire

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